• Full Day Retreat - Cape Town
    13 July 2019

    The President Hotel, Bantry Bay


    "This is an opportunity to develop skills and give you the tools to equip you to set your goals, to realise your true potential and make your dreams a reality!"

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    What Else Do You Get!

    Free Coaching course launching September 2019 Valued @ R3000

    My ebook for Balancing Work & Life

    Coaching Manual

    Coaching Tools

    Chef's full-on Lunch

    Treats & Drinks during the day

    Get Focused on your
    True Purpose & Vision

    • Discover your true purpose
    • Identify your vision & give it clarity
    • Identify limiting beliefs
    • Improving your confidence & know what you are worth
    • Understand your strengths & gifts & how to leverage them
    • Realise your goals & dreams using the Be-Do-Have method
    • Unleash your inner potential
    • Uncover your motivation
    • Set meaningful goals that works in life & business
    • Embrace your authenticity
    • Realize God makes no Junk
    • Support, focus, drive & direction
    • Create your mission statement that aligns with your value's & soul's purpose
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    What other People has to Say!

    The best decision I could've made

    Kiley Doll, USA

    "I had the pleasure of meeting Helga through a women event I went to in South Africa. I was so impressed with her I extended my stay and attended her Full Day Retreat called 'Find your True Life's Purpose and Vision.' It was the best decision I could have made. Intense and so worth it! I'll be back for your Cape Town event in July 2019.

    Helped me see the bigger picture

    Antjie Coetzee, SA

    "Thank you Helga for helping me to see the bigger picture .. to establish a sense of my own uniqueness. In your words: “ You can develop and learn and grow in as many ways as you like, do not allow people to place you in a “box”, create your own “box”. It was great to work with you."

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