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    I am a passionate certified Life Coach with a lifelong mission to awaken people to their God-given potential and live the life they were meant to.

    I arm individuals with the personal development and self-identity tools they need to thrive in every area of their lives. (emotionally, spiritually, physically, and professionally).


    I offer relaxing yet powerful Retreat Events and Workshop Events every month.

    I specialise in Personal and Executive Coaching

    Empowered People | Empowers People

    Would you like to make any personal and/or business/career changes in your life.

    I offer the following:

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Life's Purpose & Vision (Events & workshops)
    • Keeping you accountable to your goals
    • Career success
    • Strategic planning and taking action in the workplace
    • Grow your business
    • Setting and achieving your vision and goals / peak performance
    • Develop self esteem, confidence and assertiveness
    • Leadership skills
    • Personal growth and self mastery (mastery of thoughts, emotions and behaviour)
    • Managing stress, anxiety and burnout
    • Life challenges / life transitions / dealing with traumatic life events
    • Grief & Loss
    • Changing habits & behaviours
    • Self understanding - Self awareness
    • Letting go and moving on

    We can do

    Face-to-face, Telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or Email Coaching

    Contact me for any of my programs via the Contact Me Page.

    Helga Walker
    Life & Executive Coach

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  • Retreat to a village made in Heaven

    half - day event workshops

    Relax in Nature


    Sometimes it takes a Rock and
    a Feather to Balance

    (Christ inspired Teachings)



    Heal your Soul Program

    This is a 10 week Healing your Soul program.
    You will learn the difference between your Soul and your Spirit. You will uncover the truths about how your soul influences your life and the effects of unresolved issues. You will learn the tools and techniques to heal and be prepared to take on any challenge and still be positive.

    The 7 Unhelpful Thinking Patterns

    Discover the 7 Unhelpful Thinking patterns you have and learn the tools to police them and ultimately live a positive life free of the worries caused by unhelpful thinking.

    6 Month Coaching Program

    I work with you for 6 months helping you and keeping you accountable for the goals you have set for the period. I start by coaching you to understand yourself, to know where you are at and where you want to go.


    This is an intensive and in-depth program. You have to be serious about changing your life.

    (Personal or business)


  • HEALING yourself

    Draw away your tears, your hurt, the trauma that changes your life, the stress that shackle you to the past, unleash the power within you to heal yourself

    (Christ Inspired Teachings)

    Your Body Speaks Your Mind

    Unconscious tension is an invisible barrier that inhibits your ability to cope and function, as well as to heal from the past.

    I teach you how your thoughts manifests as illnesses and/or disease and/or uncomfortable aches & pains in your body. Your body speaks your mind. Get to know your body to understand your Spirit & Soul.


    Repair your Mind. Restore your Soul. Renew your Spirit

    Healing through Art

    If you can draw " / C S O "
    You can draw your way through tears and hurt, anger & betrayal, loss and any trauma, ADD & ADHD


    Book a class with me & learn to let go


    Your face tells your story

    (Christ Inspired)

    The Story your Face tells

    Your face tells your story!

    Every way you communicate, think and analyze about the world around you and personally is written on your face.

    Who you really are now, is written on your face.

    I need a recent photo showing the front, left and right side views of your face to analyze.


    As a Profiler I have learned the amazing truths of what your face reveals.

    Discover your purpose

    You were blessed with talents & skill, now take a journey to discover them and turn your whole life around. The Life you were meant to live.

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