• together we will make a difference in your life

    Follow this road with me and find your shining


    Sometimes it takes a Rock and 
    a Feather to Balance

    21 Days of Emotional Healing

    It takes 21 days to change a habit. I will work with you for 21 days to help you heal emotionally.

    The Perfect You Program

    6 Months program in learning about who you truly are, understanding your way of thinking and doing things, discovering your purpose, uncovering The Perfect You!


    Your face tells your story

    Who are you & Why?

    Make Up done by God

    Discover your purpose

    You were blessed with talents & skill, now take a journey to discover them and then use them

  • HEALING yourself

    Draw away your tears, your hurt, the trauma that changes your life, the stress that shackle you to the past, unleash the power within you to heal yourself

    Metamorphosis Healing

    Unconscious tension is an invisible barrier that inhibits your ability to cope and function, as well as to heal from the past. I use Metamorphosis to help you heal any tension.

    Healing through Art

    If you can draw " / C S O "
    You can draw your way through tears and hurt, anger & betrayal, loss and any trauma, ADD & ADHD
    Book a class with me & learn to let go